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Hi 👋 I’m Simmy

🤓 Sr Venture Partner at GoingVC Partners

🤠 Co-founder of Houston Venture Labs (Digital Health VC)

📚 B.S. of Chemical Engineering from Johns Hopkins

👨‍🏭 Serial Entrepreneur, including of Fenix Risk Management

👨‍💻 Decade of IT Systems Experience

👇 HealthTech Consultant at Mycorrhiza Partners


Project Management

From pre-MVP startup ideation to Fortune 500 legacy IT system updates, I have the technical abilities and grit to address your challenges. My experience includes:

  • IT Systems Implementation and Development

  • Insurance & Risk Management

  • Working with organizations of varying maturity, including

    • Publicly Traded Multinational Corporation

    • Series B VC-Funded Silicon Valley Startup

    • Pre-revenue Life Science Biotechs

    • Solopreneurs  

Fundraising + M&A

We have experience with small business M&A - on both sides of the table. We’ve also worked on Owner Financing and SBA Loan-based deals. Let us better ensure an outperforming investment.

“Mycorrhiza is derived from Greek and literally means ‘Fungus’ + ‘Root’. Under the reproductive organs of Fungi - i.e. the mushrooms we typically associate with Fungi - there are dense fungal networks that form a symbiotic relationship with plants, including trees. These dynamic and complex root networks facilitate resource optimization, passed-down, and communication - in other words, Mycorrhiza builds a thriving, collaborative community.

Inspired by nature, Mycorrhiza Partners, or MyPart, is a strategy consultancy built on collaboration & best practices."

Simmy Hundal, Managing Partner


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Let’s build this together.

Based in Houston, TX. Consulting clients across the US.

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